Ever wondered what your pets do when we go to work? You got it right, they get into trouble.

This is a story about six parrots who hook-up with two cats and a computer mouse in a plot to set themselves free.

"Rainforest Blues" will take you on a vacation to far-away countries, allowing you to visit interesting and exotic Central American and Caribbean sites through the eyes of a flock of parrots.

The wry humor and detailed descriptions of the rainforest, a bird sanctuary and other exotic sites make "Rainforest Blues" an adventure filled book for adults and children alike. There's even a message, couched within the good humor and vivid descriptions from a bird's-eye view of the world.


The author, Maria I. Miller is the proud owner of not only two Eclectus parrots named Ruby and Clyde but also two Bengal cats named Yanni and Safari. "Rainforest Blues" is truly an exceptional book for children and adults.

Order your copy of "Rainforest Blues", for $14.95 plus tax and S/H in October 2008.

 Email us at Millerdropje@embarqmail.com or write to Free Spirit Publishing of South Gulf Cove, 15432 Aribe Ave. Port Charlotte, Florida 33981, USA.



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